Warranty - Canopies and Window Screens




The following information relates to warranties offered by V-Antz Pty Ltd. Please read all information carefully and should you have any questions relating to any aspect of this section, please contact V-Antz Pty Ltd. By purchasing either a Canopy, Window screens, you hereby agree to all terms and conditions of warranty as set out herein.


We offer a 12 months warranty for all our Canopies and Window Screens in shipped condition along with the standard policy covered by consumer law . It does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse, negligence, any damage caused by natural disaster or severe weather events or vandalism or improper fitting.

We do not offer a warranty for any damage or surface damage that occurs to any canopies and window Screen, including scratches , cracks, rust or any other defect that occurs over time. Any defect found within 48 hours of receiving a Canopy or window must be reported immediately to us, by emailing info@vantz.com.au with corresponding photographic evidence especially upon receival and opening of shipping packaging otherwise the defect will be considered natural wear and tear and not covered by warranty.

The warranty will not cover any freight or postage cost at both ends. Customers will have to inspect the condition of the item upon pickup and report to us within 748 hours of initial recorded fault. Warranty claim may generally takes a few business days.

Please kindly retain your sales invoice as a proof of purchase along with all photographic or video evidence and all must be presented when making a warranty claim via email to V-Antz.

Canopies and Window Screens must be returned to Vantz Pty Ltd for warranty work to be done and or as advised by V-Antz Management.

Inspection and Maintenance

  1. Upon receipt of your shipment we strongly advise you video opening any and all packaging as this will aid in your warranty claim should you need to make a claim, should you not follow this procedure your warranty claim may be denied and voided.
  2. inspect the condition of the product when you unpack from shipping packaging and we again strongly advise video footage showing the defect and emailing this footage to us along with any photos for our inspection in order to make decisions on warranty claims.
  3. Please note that if parts and components including glass components sold by V-antz are not fitted by a recommended V-antz installer that your warranty claim may be voided and denied, this is again up to the discretion of the V-antz Management team upon receival of your warranty claim.