Our Story

Anthony Galea started V-Antz in 2023 when his company Antz Engineering purchased the holden V-series canopy business from John and Dave Evans at race paint in which He Had a dream of starting an Updated version of the custom Panel Vans Business fuelled from his love for his own V-series Holden Panel Van the "The Witch King".
Through His Love and Passion and his son Joshua Galea they together have started in the journey to become Number 1 in the V-series Holden Panel vans Canopy business in order to help others enjoy the Love & Passion of owning  V-series Holden Panel Van and join the Great Australian Vanning Movement that is Spreading like Wild fire from the Early Holden H series "Sandman" Panel Vans thru to the Holden V-series Panel Vans in car shows across this Great Nation of ours especially the Van National events.
Although Anthony and Joshua Galea Have only Just begun They know that in this life it takes us all if we are going to get anywhere in life, hard work , perseverance, Imagination and Determination is in These guys Galea Blood and all these things are what drives them to succeed. 
So if you've read this far keep watching out for and follow the Team at V-Antz Because we are going to Make Dreams Happen!
" You haven't lived until you've driven a V-Antz Holden V-series Panel Van!"